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El desorden de los Héroes


The writer Marguerite Yourcenar wrote that God had wanted her through her friends. She dedicated her life to literature, not so much as a trade, but as a way of being in the world. Something very similar happens to Sonia Fides, who has spent years and books broadening her voice from her enthusiasm for words and her hunger for life. This disorder of the heroes that she now gives us confirms the need that we readers had for a universe like hers, which points directly to emotion and its agonies.
“I am an older woman and I can disobey God so many
times as he wants », says the protagonist of this story. And that disobedience takes us through the chiaroscuro of the human being and through all the vicissitudes that confirm our existence as the highest and most demanding gift: friendship and its secrets, love for the body,
illness, fears, dependencies, are some of the extremes that run through this novel that, from a serene convulsion, rearranges or questions our own identities, our most unexpected truths.

Sometimes the mess allows natural light to enter: this story speaks to you and recognizes you.

Alejandro Simon Partal