450 grs

Obras Rotas

This set of works marks a vital journey. The plants, blindness, a shoe store that looks like dreams, some characters around the sacred, the border between reality and its artifice. Pablo Messiez’s works never seem to rest in comfort, nothing is quite what it seems, nothing is too stable, everything is about to mutate. Writing, to advance, is nourished by poetry, painting, biography, cultural peripheries. The characters emerge endearing and, at the same time, they show us their reverse, their sewing, they alert us: what we see is fiction, an irreverent feast of the imagination. There is, in these works, an accumulated power that has generated beautiful, unforgettable spectacles.
In this journey you can notice much more than the development of an active way of understanding dramaturgy. Each of these works is, sometimes enigmatic, sometimes more direct, an act of faith. Pablo inhabits the theater, he investigates it like few others, he hesitates, he affirms, he rubs its limits in an insolent way, he tenses the language and the stories, he misses the forms. He fervently believes in what is written and also in its transcendence, betting on that sublime and fleeting moment that devours the scene in each performance. Those of us who were able to see Pablo’s shows felt the vertigo of witnessing a disturbing event. Someone is thinking about theater as a whole. When reading these works we feel privileged to be part of the Messiez experience, a writing that accounts for the explosion.

Santiago Loza