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Rocío (2008-2022)


A self-confessed lover of analogue cameras, the Chilean photographer based in Madrid reaffirms in her most personal work, her predilection for the everyday, be it everyday food or her closest circle. Proof of this is her first photobook, ‘Ice Cream’ (Metalibro, 2020), in which she reviews the ice cream sculptures that she has found on her trips to cities such as Madrid, Paris, Berlin or Barcelona. .

A daily life that she recovers, in the form of intimate photographs, in her new editorial project; ‘Rocío [2008–2022] x ROCÍO AGUIRRE’, a photobook in which she reviews her youth, which goes beyond her autobiographical story to become a generational report.
Made up of “a trunk of photographs that were cataloged and ordered differently, at different times”, the photographer’s new work begins in Chile to tour an innumerable list of countries in which she portrays a youth who grew up the shadow of the disenchantment of generation X.
A feeling that the author herself did not escape, who grew up in a country marked by the Pinochet military dictatorship and was educated in a neoliberalist family economy of pure middle-class survival, where aspirations included going to private schools and maturity was reached in the culture of divorce and economic instability.
In this way, she was collecting visual memories, which were ordered chronologically, by colors, taste, memories or beloved characters. Editions in any case that served both as psychological therapy and personal growth and development in the tough decision-making processes.