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Gauchito Gil


Every January 8, thousands of devotees fill a road sanctuary located a few kilometers from the city of Mercedes in Corrientes: it was that day and in that place, they say, where they executed Antonio Gil in 1878. A rebel gaucho turned into a pagan saint, today he maintains the hope of a fervent people that asks, promises and gives thanks year after year.

Dagurke joins this celebration and finds there a festival of red images; of sweaty bodies and penetrating glances; of messages tattooed on the skin, prayers stamped on flags and plaster figures protected by plastic wrap; of chamamé, glasses on high and shouts of sapucai; During a day in which the candles melt until they melt into each other, it is an unappealable demonstration that faith – like joy and struggle – gains strength when it is shared.

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Prólogo: Liliana Viola
Fotografías: Dagurke
Editor: Patricio Binaghi

Idioma: Castellano

Dimensiones: 27.5x21x2 cms