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Los pasajes comunes


The towers are attached to each other, but their inhabitants seem to live miles apart from each other. The neighbors watch everything from the upper floors, the dogs and children play in a dusty patch of land, the police expose their arrogance

and its impunity, the rats run through the corridors and the adolescents sniff glue and only think about escaping from there: between blackouts, fires, denunciations, the apathy of the State, the violence, the anger, the mistreatment and the silences, some, Sometimes they get it. But the flight only postpones the return, and the shadow of the towers —the characters of this novel discover— is longer than it seems.

Gonzalo Baz returns to the past in an attempt to find the origin of the ruins that we call “the present”, and he does so with a lucidity and quality that are unusual in a first novel.

The common passages is the epileptic aura that, as in the perception of one of his characters, highlights the contours of things while revealing a perhaps incurable disease.