33x14x0 cms
720 grs

This is a gay book


What is gay? Apparently nothing, apparently everything


Many of us grew up in a world where nothing was gay only to soon discover that, according to some, everything has become too gay. Pepo Moreno’s acrylic on paper pieces, which with shaky stroke and saturated colors represent food, celebrities, plants, drugs, animals, saints, politicians, feelings, dictators and entities with wild eyes and smiles frozen in time, work as celebration, parody and demands of the gay agenda which corrupts the world. The gay agenda
is gay. If everything is gay, nothing is. One’s own gay existence, like the technique of these illustrations, cannot be learnt. It is dissident, amoral and free. Gay existence, much like this book, is full of strange icons, grief, errors, anarchy, fetishes, feathers, masculinity, onanism, insane desire, self-loathing, love and garbage. All that is also gay and is drawn with a childish stroke, because immaturity is gay and because actually all children are gay.

Consuming culture embodied in a physical object in the year 2022 is gay and paying for a book too see things that are available for free on Instagram is gay. But now money is gay. And Pepo Moreno too.