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Tiempo Compartido


“They say that what is learned in childhood is learned forever. And what I learned was taught to me by television.” One of the central confessions of the narrator of this unforgettable novel, which goes through throughout the 1990s in Argentina, building its identity and his sentimental formation through mass consumption products and especially television that exploded in ratings and that founded a new horizon of reality for all viewers. Meanwhile, the Argentine State was privatizing itself, marginality deepened, the separation of social classes became more acute every day. All that universe of privatization and corruption that will end in the bankruptcy of the Argentine State in 2001. And meanwhile, and meanwhile, the middle class aspired to travel to Miami, bring televisions, film cameras, live 1 to 1, which finally was for 1 life that prospered, 1 life that fell from the system. All this is narrated with a masterful look by Nicolás Diodovich in Time Shared, a novel that tells the story of a family in the 1990s the 90s, in which life was privatized, affections were privatized, pain was privatized. “A hand in hand with the prosperometer”, says the narrator, who measured himself day by day with the consumer objects that families added to their stock.

Whoever reads this book will laugh a lot, whoever reads this book will cry, whoever reads this book will learn, will be indignant, will reflect. Whoever reads this book will compassionately understand that what we are as a society is the failure of what we had dreamed of being. And this novel, with irony, with humor, with pain, reveals that truth.

Cynthia Edul